Comic Math



01/ 11/2020


Below is one possible design for the character Sumiko. In the upcoming story Sumiko is Zara’s best friend and helps balance out Zara’s, lets say, more animated nature.

I love anime. Comics is now coming of age and telling a larger variety of stories but anime has been telling a wide variety of stories for a while now. And yes, anime has some stories it tells over and over, but others are amazing and different.

In anime and manga, it sometimes feels like if a character got a haircut and some hair dye it would be the equivalent of them drinking Polyjuice Potion, to use a Harry Potter reference. This comes from anime having a high level of abstraction. If on one end of the spectrum you have a fully rendered drawing of a person that could be mistakable for a photograph and on the other end a smiley face, anime is closer to the smiley face. Now, this helps us identify with the characters and put ourselves in their place, in fact, we often use a smiley face to show our own emotions:-).

Right now I’m exploring how much of an anime/manga influence I want in the project. I definitely want some.

I worked with the very talented Fi to produce a design option for one of my characters, Sumiko