Math Loving Aliens: Final Design of the Aliens for Zara Vs.

10/ 2/2019

I’m happy to announce that Jenny Gates has come up with the final design for our aliens! The aliens are a Math loving crew who only understand logic and have no concepts of lies. They are the protagonists in the math comic Zara Vs. The S.A.T. (Strange Alien Teacher). These Aliens take over Zara’s math teacher and comedy and math ensues.

Its been amazing seeing these characters come to life in the hands of such talented artists. I feel like I am now the owner of my own alien race!

I’m still in the process of renaming the aliens, so if you have any math term related suggestions either for the aliens or for their entire race, let me know.

Really cute alien kids!

10/ 1/2019

These super cute alien kids will make an appearance in our first math comic! I’m mad at them for knowing more math than me.